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"Just thought you'd like to know that my son, Sam, was very taken with the phone call. He was so moved by it that when he got home he cried he was so happy that Santa took the time to call HIM. He said MY NAME TWICE Dad, he said SAM!. He was so excited by it he wondered what was the special thing Santa was bringing him and is determined to be extra good to deserve it. He kept telling us how happy he was.

- Dan B.

Personalized phone calls from Santa!

Using the latest technology, you can now control exactly when and where Santa calls... right up to the minute!
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Act NOW because we will sell out. Only $3.99 each!

There will be no questioning the authenticity of our calls from Santa!

Just imagine the look on your child's face when he or she receives a personal phone call from Santa Claus this Christmas season! Santa will call your child by name, and will tell your child all about his preparations for the big day! Santa's call will help bring the true magic of the belief in Santa to any child and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

  Calls can be placed to multiple children.

Using our online Santa call scheduler choose which call you want placed and tell us who to call at what number and exactly when. Then, on the date and time you specify the phone will ring. It's that simple!
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Now only $3.99 each! **

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Our Price: $12.99

Letters from Santa Claus

Can you remember as a child how exciting it was to get something in the mail? Now imagine, if that something was a personal letter from Santa Claus himself written about all the wonderful things you wanted for Christmas and why you specifically deserved to get them.

Give that same level of excitement this season to that special child in your life... or even adult who's a child at heart. Each letter cleverly includes your child's name, accomplishments, wish list and your own personal message all written by Santa himself!


Our Price: $19.99

Santa Evidence Kit

As much as a child wants to believe in Santa they often come across reasons not to. Our Santa Evidence Kit is designed specifically to counter those thoughts and extend your child's belief even longer.

Designed for authenticity each kit includes Santa's official sleigh license, Santa's glasses, one of his gloves, a thank you card for the snack you left, a ribbon for the best decorated tree and an optional Santa Boot Print creator to safely leave Santa's boot prints throughout your home.


Our Price: $9.99

Santa's Good List Certificate

A long sought after goal of every child is to be included on Santa's Good List. Working hard all year long, being extra good especially around Christmas, is a top priority since every child knows Santa is watching. After Santa checks his list twice he often mails out this official commemorative certificate as absolute proof their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Just imagine for a moment how excited your child will be knowing that Christmas is almost here and now having proof they made the coveted Good List.